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Azure Help Series

Today I’m starting a new series of blog entries – Azure Help.  There are many people who do “Tips and Tricks” and “Lessons Learned”, which I like and find useful – the idea with this series is the same, but I needed to come up with a unique name.

I want to cover real scenarios and lessons I’ve learned the past 5 or so years in using Azure on a day to day basis.

Entry List

This is a list of the blog entries I have for Azure Help.

Idea List

This is a list of ideas that I’m planning future entries about:

  • WebApps – Maintenance and Logging
  • Cloud Services – Using VSTS Release Management to Change ConfigurationSettings
  • VSTS - Add and Remove NSG to Publish a Release to VNet in Azure

Source Code

AzureHelp - a repo for code used in these Azure Help entries.


Do you have a suggestion for future a future entry?  If so, feel free to email or tweet me your idea … as long as it makes sense, chances are good it will make it on the list Smile

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