Introducing: Azure Table Query Project

by Jason Haley 4. February 2010 16:01

Today I moved my new pet project out to CodePlex: Azure Table Query


This project is a result of me wanting to run ad hoc LINQ queries against Azure table storage.  Last week I wrote about How To: Query Azure Log Tables with LINQPad – but that requires a separate assembly to contain the entities and context classes.  This week I’ve taken it a step further … starting with the work I did on the Query Editor in  PowerCommands for Reflector.  The Azure Table Query is a similar tool for Azure table storage but is implemented as a Web Role project.

Besides giving you the ability to run ad hoc queries against table storage, you can also export your table entities as a compressed serialized xml file.  You do this by creating the query you want exported then choose the output type you want from the drop down.

The project is still in its early stages, but here is a list of some features and limitations.

Current features

  • Ability to get the list of tables in a configured Azure table storage account
  • Ability to see properties of an entity (if there are entities in the table)
  • Ability to execute ad hoc LINQ queries against (a single table in) Azure table storage
  • Query output is a grid by default
  • Optional output currently includes Xml serialized objects (either a normal xml file or a compressed xml file)

Current limitations

  • The table storage account is configured as a setting of cloud service (which means you can’t change it on the fly)
  • Only able to use a single table in a query
  • The LINQ syntax is limited to the same subset of operators currently supported by Azure table storage
  • No security … meaning if someone finds this page they will be able to query your table storage and export the data
  • UI could be improved

The download and information on how to use it are on the project’s site: Azure Table Query

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